About me

Front-end developer with 2+ years of professional experience. Coding since I was 12. Currently accepted to college, but looking for gap-year full-time job to gain experience. I am good at making websites work on the technical and UX side. Passion for automation and hybrid applications.

Work experience

Oh you need this guy badly.

I hired Vítek as a junior Front end developer and worked with him on several large scale projects (web and app) for two of the largest Czech banks.

In just a year, his skills developed exponentially. He’s now a solid FE professional with yet another huge potential of growth.

His precision, integrity, his overlap into UX/UI and his project management skills are a massive bonus.

I will miss his expertise and great, great, great spirit, and personally hope to work with him once again.

Jan Torsten Valder - UX Lead at Principal engineering